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Liam Mc Veigh ----- Ireland's 9Ball Challenge Tour Event 4 Winner

Liam Mc Veigh (pictured above) has become the fourth individual winner of the 2009 Irelandís 2009 9-Ball Challenge Tour recording his first tournament victory on Irelandís American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour on Saturday Past (31st October 2009) with victory over Event 2 Winner Sean Judge in the final on a 9-5 score-line.........

Congratulations to Liam for his achievement recording his first tournament victory on the 8 & 9 Ball Irish Pool Tour which was truly deserved from this great supporter of all cue-sport games travelling up and down the country to play in tournaments in all game categories.........

From the ľ-finals onwards Liam produced fantastic form to record victories over Eddie Gahan (Dublin, ľ-finals 9-7), Shaun Ingram (Fermanagh, semi-finals, 9-7) and Sean Judge (Antrim, final, 9-5) to be crowned Event 4 Champion on Irelandís 9-Ball Challenge Tour........

Shaun Ingram 9-7 Billy Gorman
Liam Mc Veigh 9-7 Eddie Gahan
Sean Judge 9-5 Willie Dines
Jordan Gorman 9-8 Chris Sittlington

Liam Mc Veigh 9-7 Shaun Ingram
Sean Judge 9-7 Jordan Gorman

Liam Mc Veigh 9-5 Sean Judge


Event 1 winner: Shaun Donnelly

Event 2 winner: Sean Judge

Event 3 winner: Gerald Elliman

Event 4 winner: Liam Mc Veigh

Event 5 winner:
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