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"STEPHEN JOHNSON" ----- Crowned 2011 Ulster 9-Ball Champion

Last Saturday (26th February) in Shooters 9-Ball Pool Club Dungannon Co. Tyrone seen the first 9-Ball Pool Event in 2011 take place organised by Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour when the Ulster Open 9-Ball Pool Championships took centre stage........

Stephen Johnson (Antrim) was crowned 2011 Ulster Open 9-Ball Champion with the Co. Antrim cueist being in tremendous form throughout the day defeating some fantastic players on route to victory.......

Stephen who has been crowned champion on many occasions over the years on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour and once again the Antrim cueist has returned to winning ways by adding the 2011 Ulster Open 9-Ball Championships to his other tournament victories on the tour which are the All Ireland Over 40’s 9-Ball Champion, Ulster Over 40’s 9-Ball Champion, Co. Fermanagh Over 40’s 9-Ball Open Champion, Co. Down American 8-Ball Champion, Co. Donegal Open American 8-Ball Champion just to mention a few.........

The tournament was played in a round robin format which seen Stephen progress to the knockout stages by finishing runner-up only losing one group match to Paddy McLaughlin (Down) on a 6-2 score-line with his other group victories coming against Coilean Massey (Antrim, 6-4), Ben Mc Moran (Tyrone, 6-5) and Adam McMackin (Tyrone, 6-5)........

Other players to progress to the knockout stages from the round group format by winning there group was Paddy McLoughlin, Sean Judge, Jordan Gorman and Gary Johnson while the following players of Stephen Johnson, Paul Tierney, Daryl Beattie and Wayne Jess all progressed by finishing runner-up.......

At the ¼-Finals stages Stephen produced another superb performance to claim a 9-3 victory over Sean Judge (Belfast) to reach the semi-finals.......

The remaining ¼-Final matches seen Paddy McLoughlin (Warrantpoint) defeat Daryl Beattie (Sixmilecross) 9-5 while Gary Johnson (Lisburn) was in fabulous form to record a 9-6 victory over Wayne Jess (Bandbridge)........

14 year old Jordan Gorman (Belfast) was making the headlines throughout the tournament which seen the young Belfast player top his group in the round robin format and followed that up with a brilliant 9-8 victory over the much experience Paul Tierney (Meath) in the ¼-Finals.......

Two dazzling performances came in the semi-finals from 14 year old Jordan Gorman (Belfast) and Stephen Johnson (Lisburn) with both players progressing to the final of the first “GRAND-SLAM” event on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour for 2011......

Young Jordan Gorman (Belfast) followed his 9-8 ¼-final victory up with another fine display to run out a 9-5 winner over the inform Gary Johnson (Lisburn) to become the youngest player to reach a major final on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour.....

The second semi-final seen Stephen Johnson (Antrim) put on a brilliant display to record a fabulous 9-6 victory over the twice All Ireland Open 9-Ball Champion Paddy McLoughlin (Down) when the Co. Antrim cueist raced into a 8-1 lead but Paddy pulled some racks back before Stephen ran out a 9-6 winner on this occasion to reach another final on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour......

The first final on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour for 2011 would see 14 year old Jordan Gorman (Belfast) and Stephen Johnson (Lisburn) going head to head in the “GRAND-SLAM” Final of the 2011 Ulster Open 9-Ball Championships......

As stated above Jordan Gorman (Belfast) made history in these Championships by becoming the youngest player to reach a major final on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour at just 14 years of age which is fantastic achievement in its own right.......

On this occasion Stephen Johnson (Antrim) showed all his experience and skill which has won him many major titles down through the years to be crowned 2011 Ulster Open 9-Ball Champion defeating young Jordan Gorman on 9-3 score-line and goes straight into number one on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour rankings with Jordan claiming the number 2 place.......

NEXT EVENT: -------(Saturday 16th April 2011)
The next 9-ball ranking tournament organised by Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour will be the 2011 Connaught Open 9-Ball Championships played on Saturday 16th April 2011.…………….details of venue etc will be announced shortly......


Paddy McLoughlin 6-2 Stephen Johnson
Coilean Massey 6-4 Adam McMackin
Paddy McLoughlin 6-4 Ben McMoran
Stephen Johnson 6-4 Coilean Massey
Adam McMackin 6-4 Paddy McLoughlin
Stephen Johnson 6-5 Ben McMoran
Paddy McLoughlin 6-5 Coilean Massey
Adam McMackin 6-3 Ben McMoran
Stephen Johnson 6-5 Adam McMackin
Coilean Massey 6-2 Ben McMoran
GROUP WINNER: Paddy McLaughlin ------ GROUP RUNNER-UP: Stephen Johnson

Daryl Beattie 6-4 Barry Cunningham
David McClements 6-4 Gary Johnson
Daryl Beattie 6-4 David McClements
Gary Johnson 6-2 Barry Cunningham
Gary Johnson 6-1 Daryl Beattie
Barry Cunningham 6-4 David McClements
GROUP WINNER: Gary Johnson ------ GROUP RUNNER-UP: Daryl Beattie

Paul Tierney 6-5 Billy Gorman
Davy Wilson 6-5 Sean Judge
Sean Judge 6-5 Paul Tierney
Billy Gorman 6-0 Davy Wilson
Paul Tierney 6-2 Davy Wilson
Sean Judge 6-5 Billy Gorman
GROUP WINNER: Sean Judge ------ GROUP RUNNER-UP: Paul Tierney

Jordan Gorman 6-5 Daniel Gorman
Wayne Jess 6-4 Ronnie Boyle
Jordan Gorman 6-4 Wayne Jess
Ronnie Boyle 6-2 Daniel Gorman
Jordan Gorman 6-3 Ronnie Boyle
Wayne Jess 6-4 Daniel Gorman
GROUP WINNER: Jordan Gorman ------ GROUP RUNNER-UP: Wayne Jess

Jordan Gorman 9-8 Paul Tierney
Gary Johnson 9-6 Wayne Jess
Paddy McLoughlin 9-5 Daryl Beattie
Stephen Johnson 9-7 Sean Judge

Jordan Gorman 9-5 Gary Johnson
Stephen Johnson 9-6 Paddy McLoughlin

Stephen Johnson 9-3 Jordan Gorman

FEBRUARY 26th: ---- Ulster Open 9-Ball Championships ---- STEPHEN JOHNSON (winner)

APRIL 16th: ---- Connaught Open 9-Ball Championships

JUNE 25th: ---- Leinster Open 9-Ball Championships

JULY 30th: ---- All Ireland Open 9-Ball Championships & Under-21 9-Ball Championships

SEPTEMBER 24th: ---- Munster Open 9-Ball Championships

NOVEMBER 26th: ---- Irish 9-Ball Masters ---- “GRAND-FINALS”

DECEMBER 10th: ---- Ireland’s 9-Ball Champion Of Champions PREMIER LEAGUE ---- “GRAND-FINALS”

Stephen Johnson (Antrim) 2011 Ulster Open 9-Ball Pool Champion
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