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2008 All Ireland Inter County 8Ball Team Championship

With all the qualifiers now finished throughout the 32 counties of Ireland the Irish Pool Association has now finalised all group draws for the 2008 annual All Ireland Inter County 8Ball Team Championship GRAND-FINALS taking place next weekend of Friday 2nd -----Sunday 4th May 2008 in the Clybaun Hotel, Galway…..

From a team perspective this is the highlight of the Irish Pool Association season and represents the culmination of much hard work and dedication by all the successful teams.

All teams must adhere strictly to the Association’s dress code. This means that all players must have proper shoes, proper trousers, a long-sleeved shirt, waistcoat and bow tie. No variation of any sort will be allowed. This rule will be fully enforced and ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse!

So now meet the county teams that will be chasing All Ireland glory !!!!!!!!

Men’s Event ----(9-aside teams):
Group 1: Louth (holders), Tyrone, Offaly
Group 2: Cavan, Longford, Leitrim
Group 3: Meath, Limerick, Wexford
Group 4: Dublin, Cork, Mayo

Ladies Event -----(5-aside teams)
Group 1: Donegal, Tyrone, Cavan, Wexford

Junior Event ------(5-aside teams)
Group 1: Cavan, Louth, Meath, Tyrone B
Group 2: Tyrone A, Wexford, Donegal, Leitrim, Tyrone C

The Irish Pool Association has issued the following statement listed below……

If any team is travelling a distance please leave in plenty of time. We will start all matches on time and distance is no excuse for lateness……………
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