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Irish U-12 Pool Championships 2014

IRISH U-12 POOL CHAMPIONSHIPS: ------ www.rballsports.com

I would like to thank Irish Pool Association for introducing the new Irish Under-12 Pool Championships to their tournament diary and giving me the opportunity to run the event yesterday (Sunday 4th May) and the chance to sponsor a perpetual cup.

The tournament was a great success with up on 30 young Under-12 players competing which can only be good for the game and hopefully it will grow from strength to strength with Patrick Daly (Kerry) being crowned the first champion and Owen O'Brien (Tyrone) came runner-up......................results from the 1/4-finals are as follows.

Owen O'Brien 4-3 Sean Walsh
Danny Moriarty 4-1 Calum Morley
Karol Galka 4-1 Darren McKernan
Patrick Daly 4-2 Ryan Roberts

Owen O'Brien 5-2 Danny Moriarty
Patrick Daly 5-2 Karol Galka

Patrick Daly 6-5 Owen O'Brien
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