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" KERRY " ---- Ireland's Blackball Inter County Championship

NAME OF EVENT: Ireland's Blackball Inter County Championship

PROPOSED DATE: February 2017

VENUE: ---- (venue to be confirmed) Having originally intended to hold this event in a border county in Northern Ireland we now feel that a hotel in central Ireland, including Dublin, would be more suitable for those counties which have expressed an interest in entering. This we feel would minimise the travelling for all teams.

If any player / individual knows of a suitable hotel venue in the above areas please let us
know and we will consider approaching it for hosting the event.

At this stage we think 20 plus tables will be needed to hold the event so we're looking at a good size
function room but that depends on total entries received inside the deadline date.

PLAYING CATEGORIES: Men & Ladies Inter County Team Event -------- Plus Plate Tournament.

Men & Ladies Individual Event ------ Only open to registered team players.

Each County Can Only Enter 2 Teams In Each Category ------ (Men's & Ladies)

TEAM PANELS: ------ (Men & Ladies) Men's 7-Aside Team ------ (register up to a maximum of 10 players)

Ladies 4-Aside Team ------ (register up to a maximum of 5 players)

TEAM PLAYER ELIGIBLE: ------ (Men & Ladies)
(a): Players representing N. Ireland Counties must reside within the County Postcode of the County they represent.

(b): Players representing Rep Of Ireland Counties must reside with the County boundaries of the county they represent.

(c): The above rulings apply to players who may be attending university abroad.

(d): Overseas Irish players can only represent the county of their birth.

(a): All men's teams will be drawn into groups ------ (played in round robin format)

(b): Each match will be the best of 20 frames ------ (Session One = 7 singles ------ Session Two = 3 Scotch Doubles ------ Session Three = 7 Singles ------ 3 Scotch Doubles)

(c): In the event of a drawn match a blackball penalty shoot-out will decide the winning team.

(a): All ladies teams will be drawn into groups ------ (played in round robin format)

(b): Each match will be the best of 10 frames ------ (Session One = 4 singles ------ Session Two = 2 Scotch Doubles ------ Session Three = 4 Singles)

INDIVIDUAL EVENT: Both Individual Events (men's & ladies) will be played in a straight knockout format with number of entries decided when entries are confirmed..............NOTE: Both Individual Events (men & ladies) is only open to registered team players.

ENTRY FEES: (a): Men's Team 250 ------ (maximum 10 players)

(b): Ladies Team 75 ------ (maximum 5 players)

(c): Men's Individual ------ 30 (only open to registered team players)

(d): Ladies Individual ------ 30 (only open to registered team players)

NOTE: There will be prize-money paid out for all events (men & ladies categories) which is subject to entry fees along with perpetual cups & shields and any potential sponsorship money obtained.

TEAM DRESS-CODE: All team members must wear the exact DRESS-CODE which is Polo or Dress Shirts (with collar) bearing the county badge and any sponsorship advertising a county has along with Black Dress Trousers, Dress Shoes (any colour).

TEAM MANAGERS / REPRESENTATIVES: (a): At this stage the organisers are inviting any individuals interested in running a county team / teams to submit their name via email to trevorharte@43.freeserve.co.uk or rocketron147@yahoo.co.uk

(b): Names must be submitted by the 30th June after which the organisers will select managers / representatives for each county.

(c): The organisers feel this is the best way forward at this stage due to several individuals wishing to enter teams from the one county

Appointed team managers / representatives will be expected to select their teams based on a qualification process open to all eligible players who wish to represent their county. This selection process must satisfy the organisers ie: by running a tour or a trials day. Only in the event of a county not having enough players to support a selection process, handpicked teams will be accepted.

Managers / representatives will also be responsible for the payment of team registration fees and individual entry fees inside deadline dates.

If the organisers feel the need to introduce other sections at future events such as seniors or youths these appointed individuals will be expected to help develop these sections within their counties

All team entry fees must be paid by 31st October 2016 along with county team registration.................Individual entry fees must be paid by 31st January 2017.

" EVERYONE PLEASE TAKE NOTE " The organisers wish to stress that it is not their intentions to set up another governing body for the sport of pool and will be trying not to clash with any events organised by all governing bodies in both World Rules & Blackball Rules.
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