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The biggest 9-BALL POOL TOURNAMENT to take place on IRISH SOIL which is open to all players throughout the 32 counties of Ireland as well as overseas will take place on Saturday 30th July 2011 at the The Embassy Rooms, Sligo Town, Co. Sligo.... (details listed below)

This annual and prestigious event started back in 2003 with this year’s event being the 9th annual tournament, with some fantastic champions engraved on the CRYSTAL PERPETUAL TROPHY over the years...... (past champions listed below)

The organisers would like to see new players north and south of the border come forward and represent all CUE-SPORT games such as Billiards, 8-Ball Pool, Snooker and of course the game of 9-Ball at these annual All Ireland Open 9-Ball Championships......

1 Players are asked to confirm there entry A.S.A.P.

2 All players must be at the venue in person no later than 9-15am on Saturday 30th July to be included in the tournament draw with play starting at 10am sharp.

3 Any player who is not at the table when called will lose a rack every 5 minutes........ “NO EXCEPTIONS” given to any player.

4 Any player who turns up to play without the tournament DRESS-CODE being in place will lose three racks plus only receive half of any prize-money he or she wins.

5 The rest of the prize-money will be carried onto the next tournament “NO EXCEPTIONS” given to any player.

6 DRESS – CODE: ------ dress trousers, polo or dress shirt (shirt must have collar) and dress shoes ------------no trainers, no canvas / jean trousers, no round neck tee shirts....

NOTE: ---- The tournament organisers would also like see more ladies and junior players entering as all players will receive a “PLAYING HANDICAP” making it a level playing field for everyone to compete in......

2003: Kevin Smith (England)
2004: John Wims (Kildare)
2005: Pat Holtz (Scotland)
2006: Sam Gibson (Antrim)
2007: Paddy Mc Loughlin (Down)
2008: Declan Hughes (Armagh)
2009: Jason Power (Waterford)
2010: Paddy Mc Loughlin (Down)

NAME OF TOURNAMENT: All Ireland Open 9-Ball Championship

DATE: Saturday 30th July 2011

VENUE: The Embassy Rooms, Sligo City, Co. Sligo

CLOSING DATE: All players must pre-enter by Wednesday 27th July ----- no entries on the day

NUMBER OF TABLES: 8 Championship American Pool Tables

CURRENT CHAMPION: Paddy McLoughlin (Down) 2010 champion

FORMAT: Straight knockout ----- Best of 17 (race to 9) ----- Handicap Event

ENTRY FEE: £25 or 30 euros

TEL: 07917887147 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7917887147

EMAIL: irelandsamericancuesports@yahoo.co.uk

WEBSITE: www.rballsports.com
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