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Three Day 8-Ball Pool Festival

Ireland’s 32 County 8-Ball Pool Tour have confirmed the dates and venue for the 2010 Ulster Inter County 6-Aside Team Championships and also the All Ireland Open 8-Ball Pool Championships........

Also taking place alongside these two fantastic events will be the official Co. Donegal 8-Ball Pool Championships which Ireland’s 32 County 8-Ball Pool Tour will be organising for all Ulster counties....... “CO.DONEGAL PLAYERS ONLY”

The official Co. Donegal 8-Ball Pool Championships will take place on Friday 19th November with no entries accepted after Thursday 18th November.......

These three tournaments will take place at the beautiful Arena 7 venue Letterkenny Co.Donegal from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st November played on 6 championship pool tables making it a brilliant weekend of pool for all to enjoy.......(some details listed below).

FRIDAY 19th NOVEMBER: ---- Co.Donegal official 8-Ball Pool Championships ----- (Co.Donegal players only) ---- “NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED ON DAY OF TOURNAMENT”

SATURDAY 20th NOVEMBER: ---- 2010 Ulster Inter County 6-Aside Team Championships ---- Only open to Ulster counties of Antrim, Down, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Derry, Armagh, Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan.....PAST CHAMPIONS: Co.Cavan (2008)

SUNDAY 21st NOVEMBER: ---- 2010 All Ireland Open 8-Ball Pool Championships ---- Open to all counties & overseas players ---- Dress Code must be in place ---- “NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED ON DAY OF TOURNAMENT”.........PAST CHAMPIONS:
David Mc Quillan (Monaghan, 2007), Brendan Mc Donagh (Tyrone, 2008), Pat McNally (Antrim, 2009)

This prestigious team event is only open to 12 teams played in a round robin format (4 groups of 3) with the organisers trying to attract teams from all Ulster counties listed below with some counties entering more than one team........

Co. Cavan are the holders of these Ulster team championships and hopefully they will be returning to defend there title....no event was played in 2009.....NOTE: before going to press some teams listed below have confirmed there entry with teams also waiting on a standby list.....all teams must confirm there entry with payment by the end of September and after that standby teams will be accepted....

If any player wants to get a Ulster county team set-up from the counties that haven’t confirmed there entry (listed below) can do so by calling 07917887147....

We’re trying to get a good rate from a top HOTEL in Letterkenny close to venue for all teams and players who are staying over on the Saturday night for the All Ireland Individual 8-Ball Championships the next day Sunday 21st November.....if anyone is interested please get in contact A.S.A.P. by calling 07917887147 so we can secure a good rate and the booking.......

1. Antrim

2. Armagh

3. Cavan

4. Donegal ---- (confirmed)

5. Derry

6. Down

7. Fermanagh ---- (confirmed)

8. Monaghan

9. Tyrone ---- (confirmed)

1. Tyrone 2nd Team

2. Tyrone 3rd Team

3. Donegal 2nd Team

4. Donegal 3rd Team

All teams entering the 2008 Ulster Inter County 8Ball Team Championship are reminded of the tournament DRESS CODE RULES.......

All Inter County 6-Aside 8-Ball Teams must wear the same dress code as there team mates as all teams will receive a bonus of 6-points for the proper dress code being in place which is as follows......

(a). all team members must wear the same team shirts, same design, same colour, polo or dress shirts “BUT NO MIXING”

(b). all team members must wear black dress trousers...(know black jeans, canvas trousers or cords).......

(c). black dress shoes.

The six bonus points which each team receives for proper dress code is very simple........

(a). if all team members wears the proper inter county team dress code they receive 6 bonus points.

(b). if any team hasn’t the proper inter county team dress code in place they don’t receive 6 bonus points.

(c). if any inter county team doesn’t receive the 6 bonus points could mean they mightn’t qualify from the round robin groups.

(d). the 6 bonus points rewarded to all teams for proper dress code will be used in the round robin groups.

Any player can play for any county in these Ulster team championships but once they have played for a team that’s it, they can’t play for any other Ulster county team down through the years......

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