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Donegal A Crowned Ulster Team Champions 2015

"ULSTER COUNTY POOL PLAYERS FESTIVAL" ------ Ulster County 4-Aside Team Event

Congratulations to Co.Donegal A Team who were crowned 2015 Ulster Inter County 4-Aside Team Champions played last weekend in Kelly's Inn Ballygawley Co.Tyrone when they defeated Tyrone A in the final on a 11-8 score-line coming back from 5-0 and 8-4 behind on both occasions before running 7 straight games to claim a 11-8 victory to be crowned 2015 Ulster Inter County Team Champions.

This year's Ulster Inter County Team Event was limited to 8 Ulster 4-Aside Teams played in two groups of four in group double elimination format with Donegal A Team storming through the tournament undefeated producing quality and solid pool round after round.

Donegal B 11-4 Derry

Donegal A 11-8 Antrim

Donegal A 11-4 Donegal

Antrim 11-9 Derry

Antrim 11-6 Donegal

Tyrone B 11-5 Fermanagh B

Tyrone A 11-7 Fermanagh A

Tyrone A 11-8 Tyrone B

Fermanagh B 11-8 Fermanagh A

Tyrone B 11-6 Fermanagh B

Donegal A 11-9 Antrim

Tyrone A 11-10 Tyrone B

Donegal A 11-8 Tyrone A
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