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"GRAND-FINALS CHAMPION" ------ Paddy McLoughlin

Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour: ------ www.rballsports.com

Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Tour came to a finish last weekend for 2013 season when the Gran-Finals of the tour took place on Saturday past and the All Ireland 9-Ball Scotch Doubles Championship played on Sunday........................NOTE: Over 4,000 in prize-money was paid out this season which included 1,620 in Grand-Finals and we hope to increase prize-money for the new 2014 season........... (full details announced shortly).

Saturday 14th December seen the Grand-Finals of Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour take centre stage when 10 players competed for 1,620 prize-money on the day, with the top 6 players qualifying from tour rankings and another four players from open qualifiers involving players and members who competed in four or more ranking tournaments throughout the season.................. the 10 players was divided into two groups of five, with the top two players from each group progressing to semi-finals and the other 6 players going into plate competition.

Winner: 350
Runner-Up: 250
Semi-Finals: 350 (175 each)
Plate Winner: 70

NOTE: the six other players in groups received 100 each (600 in total) and played-off for a further 70 in plate tournament with winner takes all won by Niall Sweeney.

GROUP 1: ----- (group 1 results)
Ronnie Boyle 6-3 Stephen Bennett
Nathan Todd 6-2 Daryl Beattie
Stephen Bennett 6-2 Paul Corrigan
Nathan Todd 6-4 Ronnie Boyle
Daryl Beattie 6-5 Ronnie Boyle
Stephen Bennett 6-5 Nathan Todd
Ronnie Boyle 6-3 Paul Corrigan
Daryl Beattie 6-5 Stephen Bennett
Nathan Todd 6-1 Paul Corrigan
Daryl Beattie 6-4 Paul Corrigan

GROUP WINNER: Nathan Todd ------ GROUP RUNNER-UP: Daryl Beattie

GROUP 2: ----- (group 2 results)
Paddy McLoughlin 6-2 Mickey McDonald
Niall Sweeney 6-3 Paul Tierney
Paddy McLoughlin 6-4 Paul Tierney
Mickey McDonald 6-2 Stevie Warnock
Paddy McLoughlin 6-3 Niall Sweeney
Stevie Warnock 6-3 Paul Tierney
Paddy McLoughlin 6-4 Stevie Warnock
Mickey McDonald 6-4 Niall Sweeney
Mickey McDonald 6-5 Paul Tierney
Niall Sweeney 6-3 Stevie Warnock

GROUP WINNER: Paddy McLoughlin ------ GROUP RUNNER-UP: Mickey McDonald

Nathan Todd 9-3 Mickey McDonald
Paddy McLoughlin 9-5 Daryl Beattie

Paddy McLoughlin 9-6 Nathan Todd

Congratulations to Paddy McLoughlin (Down) for another brilliant performance on being crowned Grand-Final Champion displaying superb performances throughout the 2013 season finishing number 2 on Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour rankings after seven events and followed that up with another fantastic display on Grand-Finals day by topping his group in the round robin format to progress into the Semi-Final.

In the Semi-Final Paddy continued his fine run of form to claim a 9-5 victory over Daryl Beattie before overcoming the challenge of Nathan Todd in the final on a 9-6 score-line to be crowned Grand-Final Champion picking up 350 and crystal trophy for his efforts.

Praise must also go to Nathan Todd for the brilliant performances he produced throughout the season and on Grand-Finals day by topping his group and reaching the final only to lose on a 9-6 score-line to the inform McLoughlin.

Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour would like to say a special thanks to Paul Donaldson of Donaldson's Snooker & Pool Club Enniskillen for the wonderful and generous sponsorship he give to the Irish 9-Ball Tour for 2013 season which was very much appreciated by all tour players, members and organisers.
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