"GRAND-FINALS" ------ Q-Sports Academy £1,000 9-Ball Pool Challenge

"GRAND-FINALS" ------ Q-Sports Academy £1,000 9-Ball Pool Challenge

Saturday 8th October will see Q-Sports Academy Fintona stage the 4th annual £1,000 9-Ball Pool Challenge GRAND-FINALS when semi-finals and final will be played to a finish involving the following four players Emmet McGuire (Dregish, Tyrone), Joe McCrory (Lurgan, Armagh), Carl Martin (Fintona, Tyrone), Ronnie Boyle (Fintona, Tyrone) with all matches best of 29 (first to 15).

SEMI-FINALS: ------ (time slots)
2-30pm: --- Emmet McGuire v Carl Martin

4-pm: --- Ronnie Boyle v Joe McCrory

6-pm: --- Final

Winner: £500

Runner-Up: £250

Semi-Finals: £250 (2 x £125)

2013: Ronnie Boyle (winner) ------ Mickey McDonald (runner-up)

2014: Ronnie Boyle (winner) ------ Mickey McDonald (runner-up)

2015: Ronnie Boyle (winner) ------ Damian Corrigan (runner-up)
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