Nathan Moore Crowned Fintona Town Pool Champion

The " GRAND - FINALS " of 2015 Fintona Town 8-Ball Pool Cup took place last Wednesday night (23rd December) in Q-Sports Academy Fintona with 8 players battling it out for the title but come the end of the night it was Tyrone Inter County Junior Player Nathan Moore who was the last player standing storming through the field to be crowned

Congratulations to Nathan on becoming 2015 Fintona Town 8-Ball Pool Champion playing brilliant pool throughout the tournament where he overcame the challenge from the following players in his section to progress to Grand-Finals night by not dropping a game in his section Ian Davis (last-64, 5-0), Barry Owens (last-32, 5-0), Daryl Doherty (last-16, 5-0)

On Grand-Finals night Nathan was still able to produce his fantastic run of form were all matches was much closer but this young player was still able to produce the quality he needed to be crowned champion defeating Lee Booth in 1/4-finals on 6-5 score-line and followed that up with another fabulous victory in the semi-finals over another young under-15 inter county player Piotr Samulewicz

In the final Nathan produced another superb performance to defeat one of Tyrone's best current players and Tyrone's Men's A Team Inter County Selector Damien Corrigan on a 8-2 score-line to be crowned 2015 Fintona Town 8-Ball Pool Cup

Winner £160
Runner-Up: £100
Semi-Finals: £80 (2 x £40)

Piotr Samulewicz 6-5 Tiernan McSorley
Nathan Moore 6-5 Lee Booth
Kyle Barkley 6-4 Eoin Burns
Damian Corrigan 6-3 Ronnie Boyle

Nathan Moore 7-5 Piotr Samulewicz
Damian Corrigan 7-2 Kyle Barkley

Nathan Moore 8-2 Damian Corrigan
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