Open 8-Ball Pool Tournament

Q-Sports Academy Fintona held a 8-ball pool tournament on Saturday 2nd January with 22 players taking part but it was Chris Beattie who made a return to the winners enclosure to claim the top prize defeating one of Q-Sports Academy up and coming young players Tiernan McSorley in the final.

Chris was made fight all the way in the final by Tiernan with the young lad leading 3-0 before Chris levelled at 3-3 but Tiernan once again put the pressure on by taking the next two frames to lead 5-3 but Chris fought back showing his experience winning the next three games to claim a 6-5 victory.

Ben McMoran 5-3 Ronnie Boyle
Damian Corrigan 5-3 Mark Graham
Piotr Samulewicz 5-1 Shane O'Brien
Owenie McMenamin 5-2 Michael Mulholland
Marty Caldwell 5-1 Mark Maguire

Chris Beattie 5-0 Ben McMoran
Daryl Beattie 5-1 Dick Johnson
Mark Stockton 5-3 Stephen Bennett
Damian Corrigan 5-3 Emmet McGuire
Piotr Samulewicz 5-1 Cian Groogan
Owenie McMenamin 5-3 Padraig Murphy
Tiernan McSorley 5-2 Kyle McCusker
Owen O'Brien 5-3 Marty Caldwell

Chris Beattie 5-3 Daryl Beattie
Mark Stockton 5-0 Damian Corrigan
Owenie McMenamin 5-1 Piotr Samulewicz
Tiernan McSorley 5-4 Owen O'Brien

Chris Beattie 6-1 Mark Stockton
Tiernan McSorley 6-5 Owenie McMenamin

Chris Beattie 6-5 Tiernan McSorley
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