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Ireland’s  Inter  Club  6-Ball 

Snooker  Tour 

A number of new snooker tournaments is being set-up throughout different venues north and south of the border called Irelands Inter Club 6-Ball Snooker Tour open to any player both amateur and professional from N. Ireland, Rep Of Ireland or any other Country……….

This new snooker tour will see all tournaments played with six red balls and the same number of colours per frame with all snooker rules also in place with the only difference being, six red balls will be used instead of fifteen…………

The organisers hope this new shorter format played on Irelands Inter Club 6-Ball Snooker Tour will be a exciting playing format for all players and venues to enjoy, hoping to replicate the success of the Twenty-20 Cricket when they introduced a new and exciting playing format to there game and turned out to be a major success and plans have been made by the World Professional Snooker body to try out 6-ball snooker events…..

Tournaments played on Irelands Inter Club 6-Ball Snooker Tour will only have the following Handicap System set in place for each organised event which involves professional and challenge tour players past and present with details as follows……..

(a).  any current professional player that enters is -21

(b).  any current or past Challenge tour player, or past professional player is -14

(c ). all other players start from scratch……

If Ireland’s Inter Club 6-Ball Snooker Tour goes well when up and running we will introduce a full list of events with a official set of tournament rankings seeding the top eight players for each tournament as well as holding underage tournaments…….

For now Irelands Inter Club 6-Ball Snooker Tour organisers have up and coming events planed to take place in Tyrone, Belfast, Fermanagh, Donegal, Cavan with all players viewing event details which will be advertised shortly on the following website www.rballsports.com by clicking on the snooker link on the left-hand-side followed by the tournament diary page……..

Tournament Formats:

The organisers hope to finish all tournaments on one day if possible but this will be down to the number of tables in each venue and the number of entries received for each event……..

All tournaments will be planed for a Saturday unless otherwise stated, and if the tournament is not finished on one day (Saturday) players will be asked to return the next day (Sunday) to finish of the event…….

Tournaments organised by Irelands Inter Club 6-Ball Snooker Tour will have different playing formats planed for tournaments which will include knockout format, round robin group format and group double elimination format……….

All tour matches will be the best of 5 or 7 unless otherwise stated…..

Entry Fees:

Each Tournament will be £15 entry fee plus £5 registration fee / green fees for each event and £10 entry fee plus £3 registration fee / green fees for Under-16 & Ladies………..all registration / green fees will go towards the running and up keeping of the tour such as newspaper advertising, reports, results, photo’s etc………..plus the setting up and the up keeping of a website, the organisers expenses and costs for the running of each tournament before and after the event, on the day of the tournament just to mention a few……..


All the £15 and £10 entry fees taken in will be paid out in prize-money plus we hope to have added prize-money to each event if the tour goes well when up and running..………….

Dress Code:

All tournaments played under Ireland’s Inter Club 6-Ball Snooker Tour will have the following dress code:

(a). long sleeve dress shirt…….waistcoat optional

(b). black dress trousers.

(c ). proper black dress shoes.


In any player or players appears or plays in any tournament without the proper dress code he / she will not be allowed to progress to the next round of the tournament or be entitled to receive any prize-money or ranking points… “NO EXCEPTIONS” will be given to any player………If this happens the players prize-money will be added to the next tournament…………

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